September 2022 production updates

The Infor Process Intelligence application is a new component in the Infor OS technology stack to enable you to model and explore the industry-specific business processes and configuration content that are associated with an Infor CloudSuite.

You can use the Processes section in the application in view-only mode, to review the available industry content, navigate between related business process diagrams and applications, and see related documentation. Infor provides industry-specific content associated with an Infor CloudSuite. When applicable, the content is available in additional languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

You can use the Process Designer section in the application in designer mode, to create or update industry content. There are several tools available to help you develop industry content:

  • The BPMN Modeler enables you to create diagrams following the BPMN 2.0 standard. The BPMN elements have custom attributes specific to the industry content development that are used to specify additional business terminology.
  • The Process Map Designer enables you to create high-level diagrams that represent a business process overview. You can link elements from a process map to other process maps or BPMN diagrams to create a navigation structure though the industry content definitions.
  • The Registry component is a central location where labels, descriptions, translations, images, and other configurations can be defined and reused in several models in the application, such as process maps or BPMN diagrams.
  • The industry content is organized in folders, and you can import or/export a folder or a subfolder.
  • To specify related documents, you can add attachments at the level of the BPMN diagrams or process maps, or at the level of each element. These attachments are stored in Infor Document Management.

For more information see the Infor Process Intelligence User Guide and Infor Process Intelligence Administration Guide.

Specific instructions

Infor will provision each tenant with industry content specific to the Infor CloudSuite to which the tenant belongs.

The Infor Process Intelligence application contains a migration tool that enables migration of previously developed content archives. Contact Infor Consulting Services for assistance.

To have access to the Process Designer functionality, you must purchase a designer license for SKU IPI-S-IAPROMDLR.