You can use the Extraction Transformation and Load (ETL) tool for data extraction, upserting data and replicating data from Infor Data Lake on a Windows Client.

You can use the data for querying and creating transformations at an on-premise database level.

We recommend that you perform some planning to understand the data that is moved, and the volume of that data. Consider how to spread those transformations over multiple Jobs to have a stable runtime environment. Build a list and group some high-volume tables with low volume tables in each Job to give a good blend through the execution.

There are scenarios where more than one ION ETL server is required to support very large volumes and offer additional redundancy capability.

ION ETL Software

When the ION-S-DATALAKE-ETL license is purchased, the ION ETL software is available for download from the Infor OS tenant.

Go to ION Desk > Configuration > Downloads.

If the software is not available, contact your sales representative to ensure the license is in place. You can also contact support to verify the license and provide the .zip file to download.