Database(s) Repository

The ION ETL Repository is tested with these database platforms:

  • MS SQL Server 2016, 2017 and 2019

We recommend that you use a Repository database size of 5 GB. This database holds all transformation and job step information.

Staging / Target

The ION ETL Staging has a few more options for database platform. The size depends on the data that is required to be moved from Data Lake to an on-premises environment.

Database User

ION ETL requires a SQL Authenticated (no password expiry) database user with dbo_owner permissions to both databases to create tables, views and indexes.

Naming Convention

Although databases can be named in any manner, we recommend that you keep the naming convention in alignment with the Infor OS Data Lake tenant suffix, for example: prd, trn, tst, and so on.

Example for a “prd” (production) tenant:

  • di_prd_repository
  • di_prd_staging
Note:  A repository and staging database must be identified or created for each tenant that is expected to extract data from Data Lake.

Folder structure

This table shows the recommended server folder structure:

Name Description Standard value
IONETL_BASE IONETL Software base catalog x:\Infor\IONETL
JAVA_HOME JAVA JDK 1.8 This is based on the installed java version.

For example:

C:\Program Files\Amazon Corretto\jdk1.8.0_252

DI_DESIGNER ETL Designer x:\Infor\IONETL\Infor_ION_ETL_%version%