Configuring the ION ETL Client

Before you start the setup, ensure that you have created these databases on your preferred database platform:

  • di_prd_repository
  • di_prd_staging

The DI Designer icon:


To set up a new repository:

  1. Double-click the DI Designer icon.
  2. On the Tools menu select Repository > Connect .
  3. Click + in the dialog box to add a new repository.
  4. Select the Kettle Database Repository and click OK .
  5. Click New (Database connection).
  6. Specify your preferred type and connection settings.
  7. In the Advanced menu, clear these Identifiers check boxes:
    • Supports the Boolean data type
    • Supports the timestamp data type

    This is only done for the Repository Database Connection configuration.

  8. Click Test to verify and click OK.
  9. Specify a name and description for the repository.
  10. Click Create or Upgrade.
  11. Click Yes and confirm by clicking Yes again.
  12. Click Execute to run the required SQL statements.
    The Repository database tables, views and indexes that make up the transformations and jobs are created in the application.
  13. To close the dialog box, click OK
  14. Click OK to close the Generation dialog box.
  15. Specify a password in the Repository dialog box. The default password for the Admin user name is admin .
  16. Select the Show this dialog at startup check box, to display this dialog box before login.
  17. Click OK to finish the installation.
  18. Click the Explore repository icon.
    To keep jobs and transformations organized, we recommend that you create two directories in the repository – Jobs and Transformations.
  19. Right-click the Folders box in the Repository explorer dialog box and select New Folder.
  20. Create a Folder named Jobs and repeat to create a Transformations folder.