Alternative setup for shared environments

If you are sharing an ION ETL server for non-production environments you must use this method in adding repository-based files to the .kettle directory.

Any variables that are shared by both non-propduction environments must be configured in the main file. For example, DATALAKE_DEFAULT_STARTDATE or MAIL_CONFIG_FILE that are created during the repository generation process. You can find the file in this folder: X:\Infor\IONETL\.kettle\

All other variables that are specific to the environment, must be added to the {environment} file. Where {environment} is the name of the repository that is created.

If the {environment} variables are set, then they are always used over the main

  1. Copy the file and rename it to {environment}
    For example:
  2. Remove all variables except for those variables used for the environment. They probably include the IONAPI_FILE and the DB_ variables for the staging/target database.
    This file was created to handle tenant based environment variables
    # Note: lines with a # in front are comments
    DB_TARGET_NAME={target db name}
    DB_PW={encrypted db password}