Log Levels

There are seven different levels of logging available when running transformations and jobs. In development mode higher levels of logging can be useful in troubleshooting errors in a transformation or job. A log level more than “Basic” shows data coming from the data lake and makes troubleshooting a “data” issue more straightforward.

We recommend that you do not leave high levels of logging activated when running jobs on the task scheduler. Levels such as Detailed, Debug, and Row Level can generate lots of log data. The risk that the file directories fill up is substantial.

Log files for jobs and transformations can be sent to support for data level or process level errors that are occurring.

This table shows the log levels and their description:

Log Level Log Level Definition


Do not record logging output.


Show only errors.


Use minimal logging.


This is the default level.


Creates detailed logging output.


For debugging purposes, high detailed output.

Row Level

Logging at a row level. This generates a large amount of log data.