Managing published workspaces

Published Workspaces display a listing of all published workspaces. If there are permissions set, then the Permissions column contains the keyword Has restrictions. Users can set permissions as part of publishing a workspace.

Published Workspaces has all actions available in the toolbar above the list. You can search, sort, and filter to affect which workspaces are shown. To display more workspaces that match the search, use the pagination buttons below the list. All possible actions are available from the Actions menu. Actions that are available only for either single or multiple select are enabled when they can be used.

These actions are available in the Actions menu:

Action Description
Delete Deletes the selected workspaces.
Note: If the workspace is configured as a default workspace in settings, you must manually edit that setting and remove the workspace.
Export Exports the selected workspaces as a zip file.
Permissions > Edit Permissions Displays the Permissions dialog box where you can remove, add, and edit permissions.
Permissions > Copy Permissions Copies all permissions for the selected workspace to the clipboard.
Permissions > Apply Copied Permissions Adds the permissions from the clipboard and updates the values for existing users and security roles without removing existing entries.
Permissions > Replace Copied Permissions Clears any existing permissions and adds the permissions from the clipboard.
Permissions > Clear Permissions Removes all permissions for the selected workspaces, enabling all users to view the workspaces.
More > Take Ownership Makes you the owner of the workspace.
More > Change Ownership Opens the Change Owner dialog box where you can search and select a new owner for the workspace.
Note: Owners have permission to change a workspace if they have permission to publish workspace.
More > Open in Catalog Closes the current view and opens the workspace in the workspace detail view of the Workspace Catalog. When you close the workspace detail view, the workspace container is displayed.
Export All Exports all published workspaces.
Note: This action includes all published workspaces including those not yet retrieved by the client.
Import Imports a zip file with published workspaces.

The Import Published Workspaces dialog box has Overwrite existing files and Preserve existing files options. The default is to overwrite existing files.

Note: Workspaces exported from the Workspaces menu can be imported as published workspaces if they are first added to a zip file.

For more information, see Publishing a workspace.

Note: Some actions are enabled only if the workspace has permissions or if permissions are available from the clipboard. Other actions are enabled only for single select.