Adding an additional property

You can add an additional property from the Additional Properties tab.

  1. Click the Add new item.
  2. Specify a name, description, and data type for the property. Use this additional information for these data types:
    In the List Options field, enter two values separated by a comma. For example: True, False. If a default value is set, it must match one of the values entered in the List Options field.
    Use the Add new item icon to enter values manually or click Bulk Upload to upload a .csv file with the values. For the .csv file, the supported header variables are Value, Description, and Default. For Default, either TRUE or FALSE are accepted values. Once values have been added, users can click Download to download a .csv file of all of the values.
  3. Optionally, select a default value for the property, and select the Required check box to require users to enter a value for the property.
  4. Click Save.