Importing users

You can import users and their associated security roles by clicking the import icon.

The supported file types are .csv and xml. The .csv file must contain a header. The supported variables in the header are:

  • EmailId
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Title
  • FederatedId
  • PersonId
  • UserName
  • UserIdentifier
  • UserAlias
  • Status
  • UPN
  • Department
  • UserGuid
  • Picture
  • MinglePicture
  • GenericProperty_<PropertyName>
  • SecurityRole1, SecurityRole2, SecurityRole3,...SecurityRoleN

The EmailId field is required in the header row. If the FirstName is provided in the header row, then LastName must be provided as well.

Note: If you want to add Security Roles or Generic Properties through this import process, you must use the XML file format. While importing with the CSV file format, Security Roles or Generic Properties that do not exist in the system are ignored.

To send an invitation to imported users, you must select the Send Invitation check box.

To update existing users, you must select the Update existing users check box.

To activate deleted users, you must select the Activate deleted users check box.

To deactivate current users who are not in the import file, you must select Deactivate users that are not present in the import check box.

The import results are displayed in a popup window after the import process is successfully completed. The Download Results link provides the results for each entry in the import file along with its result.