Understanding permissions for workspaces

An administrator with the Infor-SystemAdministrator, MingleAdministrator or PORTAL-ContentAdministrator role can set permissions for published workspaces.

There are two access levels:

Permission Description
View Only The user can view the workspaces.
Disabled The workspace is completely disabled and not available in the Workspace Catalog.
Note:  The page owner, content administrators, and administrators can always find a published workspace in the Workspace Catalog and are always allowed to edit the workspace, even when it is disabled.

If the user is assigned to more than one access level, the user will obtain the highest access permission level set.

  • When Everyone is set to View, all other settings are ignored since it is the highest access level.
  • When Everyone is set to Disabled, you can add users or security roles to the View access level. All other users will not have access to the workspace.