Adding permissions

To add permissions:

  1. Go to Infor OS app > Portal > Workspaces > Published Workspaces.
  2. Locate and click the workspace.
  3. In he Actions menu, select Permissions > Edit Permissions.
  4. In the Permissions dialog box, select View or Disabled in the Everyone row, to change the default access permission level for all users.
  5. Select User, Functional Role, or Role, as required.
  6. Click the Search field and start typing the name of the user or role. The results are displayed in a list. To narrow the search, enter more characters. If no results are shown, confirm that you selected the correct User, Functional Role, or Role option.
  7. Select the user or role from the search result to add it to the list below the Everyone row.
  8. Set the Access Permission Level. The access permission level can be set to View. For more information about access levels, see Understanding permissions for workspaces.
  9. Repeat these steps to add more user and role permissions.
  10. Click Save.