Understanding published workspaces

When you publish a private workspace to the Workspace Catalog, the page becomes a published workspace. A published workspace is visible in the Workspace Catalog to all users unless you add permissions to the workspace. Users can add a published workspace to their portal. When a published workspace is republished, all users who have that page can see the updated workspace the next time they start Infor OS Portal. A user can also manually refresh a workspace to see the updates.

If you are using published widgets on a workspace, be aware that some users may not be allowed to view a specific published widget. In this case, the widget is not available and is displayed as deactivated on the workspace. A published widget may also have been updated or deleted after you publish your workspace. For full control over your published workspace, use only standard widgets, widgets that you have published yourself, or duplicated published widgets. When duplicating a published widget, you get a local copy of the published widget. Updates to the published widget are no longer visible.

A benefit to using a published widget on many workspaces is that you republish only one widget instead of republishing several workspaces when you change the widget configuration.