Okta Active Mode in Infor OS Portal CE

By default, the Okta Active Mode feature is not available for any tenant. To make it available, create an Infor Support Portal ticket to request that the feature set flag for EnableOktaActiveModeAuthentication be set to 1 for the tenants who require the feature.

Option Description
Okta Domain URL The host name for the Okta API.
Valid Response Status IFS only accepts Okta API responses that match this value. The recommended value is SUCCESS.

If there is more accepted status value, these can be entered as comma separated values. For example, the field could be populated with SUCCESS,MFA_REQUIRED to ensure that IFS accepts responses with statuses of both SUCCESS and MFA_REQUIRED.

Okta Profile Property The attribute from the Okta response that must be validated against the IFS database. This field is validated against the IFS user lookup field property. The recommended value is login.
IFS user lookup field This specifies which value from the IFS user definition is being used to identify the user. This field is validated against the Okta Profile Property property. You can use the drop-down to select a user property.
Note: When provisioning users to IFS, ensure that the Okta login property is being stored as an IFS attribute that can be mapped on the Okta Active Mode configuration screen.
Okta API token This is the API token generated in Okta. The Okta API token is required only if the Okta Profile Property is not set to login.