Managing standard widgets

If permissions have been set, the Permissions column contains the keyword Has restrictions. The default permission is that a standard widget is displayed in the Widget Catalog and that all users can configure the widget.

As the administrator, you can set permissions to standard widgets by user or group.

It is important to understand that changing the permissions on a standard widget affects all published widgets that are based on that widget. If a standard widget is disabled, all published widgets based on that widget are not available in the Widget Catalog, and pages that contain either the standard widget or the published widget are displayed as inactive with an unavailable icon.

The Standard Widgets page has all actions available in the toolbars above the list:

  • The static toolbar with actions available for all widgets
  • The expanded toolbar, dynamically displayed with actions available for selected widgets

You can search, sort, and filter to affect which widgets are shown. To display more widgets that match the search, use the pagination buttons below the list.

When one or more filters are in use, There are active filters. is displayed at the bottom of the list next to a Clear all option, available for deactivating the filters.

All possible actions are available from the Actions menu. Actions that are available only for either single or multiple selection are enabled when they can be used.

These actions are available from the Actions menu:
Action Description
Permissions > Edit Permissions Shows the Widget Permissions. You can remove, add, and edit permissions.
Permissions > Copy Permissions Copies all permissions for the selected widget to the clipboard.
Permissions > Apply Copied Permissions Adds the permissions from the clipboard and updates the values for existing security roles and users without removing existing entries.
Permissions > Replace Copied Permissions Clears any existing permissions and adds the permissions from the clipboard.
Permissions > Clear Permissions Removes all permissions for the selected widgets. This action enables all users to configure the published widget and makes the published widget available in the Widget Catalog.
View Details Displays information about the widget such as the title, widget ID, owner ID, Infor OS Portal version, Infor OS Portal version when changed, Change date, Infor Registry change date, Schema version.

Some actions are displayed or enabled only if you click Copy Permissions and permissions exist in the clipboard or if the widget has permissions.

Permissions apply to both standard and published widgets. For instructions on adding, updating, and removing widget permissions, see Working with widget permissions. For information on understanding widget permissions see Understanding permissions for widgets.