Publishing a copy of a widget

  1. Click the More icon on the widget title bar from the smart panel.
  2. Select Advanced > Publish Copy .
  3. Select the Basic tab.
  4. Specify the widget title and description.
  5. Select Use Widget Catalog title as the widget title if you want the Widget Catalog title to override the widget title. When you select this option, the title in the widget settings is not used.
  6. Select a standard size for the widget if you do not want to use the default dimensions. This setting is especially useful for the Web widget.
  7. Select the Settings tab.
  8. Select Enable settings to enable a user to change one or more of the published widget settings.
  9. Select the Translations tab.
  10. Click Add Translation.
    Note: You can also import previously exported translations by clicking Import and selecting the exported zip file.
  11. Select the language, and specify the widget title and description in the selected language.
  12. Click Add.
  13. Repeat the steps above for additional languages.
    Note: The widget title and description on the Basic tab are used as the default if there is no translation.
  14. Select the Permissions tab.
  15. Select an option to add permissions for a role, functional role, or user.
  16. Type the name of user, role, or functional role in the search field.
  17. Select the user, role, or functional role from the search results.
  18. Specify the Permissions: Disabled, View, Configure.
  19. Repeat these steps for additional users, roles, or groups.
    Note: If no permissions are specified, the default permission is Configure for Everyone. For more information on permissions, see Understanding permissions for widgets.
  20. Click Apply.
  21. Review the widget. You can reopen the Edit Publish Configuration dialog box by clicking Edit Publish Configuration.
  22. Click Publish to publish the widget to the Widget Catalog.
    Note: You can cancel publishing the widget by clicking Cancel in the Publishing Widget command bar. Any changes made in Publishing Widget mode are discarded.