Adding Google G-Suite configuration to Infor CloudSuite

  1. Navigate to the Infor CloudSuite tenant where you started the federated connection configuration.
  2. Click Import SAML Metadata > From File. Select the Google metadata file previously downloaded and click Import. The Issuer, Identity Provider Certificate and Assertion Consumer Service are populated from the metadata file.
  3. Optionally, select Sign Authentication request. When enabled, the authentication requests sent to Google G-Suite are signed during the SSO process.
  4. Optionally, select Accept Encrypted Assertions. When enabled, encrypted SAML assertions issued by the identity provider are processed. This feature is not supported in Google G-Suite.
  5. Leave the default value for Assertion Identity Key as Identity is a NameIdentifier element of the Subject statement.
  6. Leave the IFS user lookup field as Username.
  7. Click Save.
    Google IDP does not support Single Logout.