Adding ADFS configuration to Infor CloudSuite

  1. Log on to the Infor CloudSuite tenant portal with an administrator account.
  2. Click an account name (person icon in the top right) to populate the user menu.
  3. Select User Management from the User Menu options.
  4. Click the Security Administration drop-down and select Federated Security.
  5. Expand Federated Security and click the plus (+) icon to add a federated connection.
  6. Select the SAML 2.0 Enabled option.
  7. Select the Authenticate with InforSTS option.
  8. Specify ADFS in the Display Name field.
  9. In the Import SAML Metadata section, click From File and select the ADFS metadata file previously downloaded. Click Import. The Issuer, Identity Provider Certificate, Assertion Consumer Service, and Single Logoff Service parameters are populated from the metadata file.
    Enable Identity Provider Single Logoff is optional. When enabled, the application logs out from the identity provider.
    Sign Authentication request is optional. When enabled, the authentication requests sent to ADFS are signed during the SSO process.
    Accept Encrypted Assertions is optional. When enabled, encrypted SAML assertions issued by ADFS are processed.
  10. Leave Identity is a NameIdentifier element of the Subject statement as the default value for Assertion Identity Key.
  11. Leave Username as the IFS user lookup field.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Optionally, select the JIT User Provisioning Enabled check box. Supply these values:
  14. Click Save.
  15. Click Service Provider Information > Views. Click the Export SAML Metadata link to download the metadata file required to configure ADFS.