Infor OS user provisioning to Infor CloudSuite

If you do not have a SCIM compatible application, the stand-alone IFS (SaaS User Provisioning via SCIM) can be deployed on-premises after you contact your CSM for more details.

To provision users from on-premises Infor OS to Infor CloudSuite using SCIM:

  1. Log on to the Infor CloudSuite tenant portal with an administrator account.
  2. Click the profile icon and select User Management from the drop-down list.
  3. Navigate to Security Administration > Settings > General Settings.
  4. In the Email Settings section, clear the Send email to new users automatically when they are added check box and click Save.
  5. Under Manage Features, select the Enable SCIM service check box and click Save. Refresh the page and navigate to Manage > SCIM Accounts.
  6. Copy the SCIM v1 Service URL for use later in the procedure. Click the plus (+) icon to add a new SCIM account. Specify a password for the SCIM account, following the stated guidelines. Confirm the password and click Save to generate the SCIM User Identifier. A warning message is displayed. Click Yes.
  7. Record the user identifier and password for the SCIM account for later use. It may be necessary to expand the User Identifier column to see the full value.
  8. Launch the on-premises Infor OS portal or the IFS stand-alone from the desktop.
  9. On the ADFS forms sign-in page, use the user name and password of an account with IFS Administrator security rights. Click Sign in.
  10. Click the profile icon and select User Management from the drop-down list. If you are using the IFS stand-alone, the User Management page is the default landing page.
  11. Navigate to Security Administration > Settings > General Settings. In the SCIM Configuration section, select the Publish Users option and click Save.
    Note: The SCIM agent can Get or Publish users. Select the option appropriate for your deployment.
  12. Navigate to Security Administration > Identity Repositories > SCIM Parameters. Click the plus (+) icon to add a SCIM parameter.
  13. Specify the Name for the SCIM parameter. Specify the Path, User identifier, and Password values saved from previous steps. Select the Is Active check box and click Save. The SCIM parameter is created.
  14. Click Edit to continue the configuration. Change the User Selection to All Users and click Save. You can also leave the User Selection as Manual and click the plus (+) icon to publish users based on an IFS security role. To do this, select the IFS security role and click Save.
  15. Click Test to validate the SCIM connection, then click Close after the Test Successful window is displayed. Click Publish All Users. After SCIM publishing is complete, you can check the log by clicking Status.
  16. Validate that the users from Infor OS have been published to Infor CloudSuite by verifying users under Manage > Users. User provisioning via SCIM is now complete.