Working with Purge logs

Each purge event is logged in Data Lake and can be viewed on the Purge page.

In the Purge Logs section, you can view every purge event that is complete or in-progress in the Purge Logs section on the Purge page.

The current running purge events are displayed in the top row(s) of the log pane. The rest of the logs are sorted in chronological order of when they were started.

The purge logs contain both, Purge events that were started from the Purge page in ION and the Infor Data Lake Purge API.

This information is displayed:

  • Purge Status

    Displays the current progress of the purge action. Purge Status section covers the status indicators.

  • Criteria

    The filter criteria that were used to specify the data objects and apply purge action on them.

  • Total to Purge

    The total number of objects that matched the filter criteria that was used to start the purge action.

  • Total Size in Bytes

    The total size in bytes of the data objects that were purged.

  • Objects Purged

    The total number of objects that were removed by the purge action.

  • Start Date

    The date and time when the purge event was started.

  • End Date

    The date and time when the purge event was completed.

  • Source

    Indicates from where the purge event was initiated. The purge event can be started from Data Fabric or through the Infor Data Lake API.

  • Purge Description

    The user defined description that was specified when confirming the purge action.

  • Purged By

    The user who started the purge action.

You can drag the horizontal splitter to increase or decrease the height of the logs panel.

Purge logs can also be retrieved using the GET deletelog API available in the Data Lake endpoint of the Infor Data Fabric ION API Suite.