Filtering uncatalogued object names

With Atlas, you can see object names that are labeled Uncatalogued. These object names have data stored in Data Lake but have no metadata defined in Data Catalog. The Uncatalogued objects are indicated with an object name in a red color. The object data type icon is grayed out and an info icon is displayed next to the name. The object data type is the one that was defined for the object name in Data Catalog when the data object was stored in Data Lake. By default, uncatalogued object names are shown in the left panel.

  1. Expand the left panel.
  2. Click the Filter icon.
  3. To view only the uncatalogued object names in Data Catalog, select the Uncatalogued check box.

    Select one of these options:

    Create definition
    Create an object definition in Data Catalog that matches the data.
    Purge the objects if they are not required.