Querying the Data Lake

With the Data Lake query functionality, you can query Data Lake data objects.

The functionality is useful to run queries and send results to downstream applications.

These query methods are available:

  • A Data Lake JDBC driver for Birst
  • Compass queries

The query functionality and query syntax are different for each method. The functionality is outlined in separate sections.

Method one, the query functionality for Birst, uses a Data Lake JDBC driver to access Data Lake data. The query functionality is only available through a Birst agent.

See Data Lake JDBC driver for Birst.

Method two, the query functionality for Compass, is available through the Data Lake Compass query editor, the Compass APIs, and the Compass JDBC driver.

For the Data Lake Compass query editor, see Compass.

For Compass, see Data Lake Compass queries.

Note: Compass queries are not available in AWS GovCloud.