Importing a metagraph

  1. Select Data Fabric > Metagraphs
  2. Click Import.
  3. Browse to the JSON file containing the metagraph, or metagraphs, to import.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select how to proceed with the import, when the import file contains metagraphs with names that are already in use.
    Duplicate metagraphs are skipped. Only unique metagraphs are imported.
    Duplicate metagraphs replace the existing metagraphs with the same name.
    Rename the duplicate metagraphs

    You must provide a new name for each duplicate metagraph.

    In the list of metagraphs, click Edit next to each name.

    To confirm the new name, click Approve. To cancel the edit action, click Cancel.

  6. Click Import.

    If the file import was successful, then a success notification banner is displayed at the top of the page. If an error occurred, then an error notification banner is displayed. If multiple errors occurred, then a View details link is provided as part of the message. Click View details to view the details of each error.

    See Understanding the Notifications Panel.

    Note: When importing multiple metagraphs into Data Fabric, some may fail validation. Those that pass validation are imported. Those that fail result in an error and must be fixed before trying again.