Select all variations of each record excluding archived records

Select all variations of records, regardless of the deleted indicator status. This method excludes archived records

This logic is used to return historic and current records. It can be used for auditing purposes and viewing the results of incremental data loads. The logic is useful to find a specific variation of a record, such as the version of the record when the record was created or updated to a specific status.

There are two methods to select all variations of records for an object. You can use an Infor table function or a query hint.

The query results are the same if you use a variation handling hint or an Infor variation handling table function.

Selecting all variations returns the results as shown in this table.

Company IdentifierPath ProductID IdentifierPath Description Price Variation VariationPath DeletedFlag DeleteIndicator ArchivedFlag ArchiveIndicator
001 991041 Bike 300 1 false false
001 991041 Bike 350 2 true false
003 12345 Skateboard 175 1 false false
003 12345 Skateboard 195 2 true false
003 12345 Skateboard 205 3 false false

The results of selecting all variations of an object return all variations of records, including the highest variation, lower variations, and records marked as deleted. No variations are shown for archived records.