Option 1 - Incorporating the security credentials using the .ionapi file in the same directory as the driver

  1. Open the SQL query tool.
  2. Select the option to set up a new driver.
  3. Specify a driver name, such as Compass JDBC Driver.
  4. Specify two library paths:
    • One library path to the driver c:\compass\infor-compass-jdbc-2022-10.jar
    • One path to the directory that contains the Infor Compass JDBC Driver.ionapi file c:\compass.
  5. Specify com.infor.idl.jdbc.Driver as the classname.
  6. Specify jdbc:infordatalake://TENANTNNAME.

    As the URL, for example, jdbc:infordatalake://ABCTENANT_TST.

  7. Save the driver.
  8. Set up a connection to Data Lake and select the Compass JDBC driver.
  9. Connect to Data Lake. You can add the security credentials as part of the connection string instead of retrieving them from the .ionapi file.