Authenticating with the ION API security credentials file

The ION APIION API security credentials file is used to authenticate.

The Infor Compass JDBC Driver.ionapi security credentials are downloaded through ION API. You must keep the export file safe because the credentials allow access to the target endpoint.

The Infor Ming.le role of IONAPI-Administrator is required to setup security credentials. For more information, see the Infor ION API Administration Guide.

  1. Log on to Infor Ming.le.
  2. From the application tray, select the ION API application.
  3. Select Authorized Apps.
  4. Add a new non-Infor authorized application.
  5. Specify this information:
    Specify Infor Compass JDBC Driver. The name must be exactly as shown.
    Specify Infor Compass JDBC Driver.
  6. Select the backend service type.
  7. Save the app.
  8. From the Authorized app menu, navigate to the new Infor Compass JDBC driver application.
  9. Click Download.
    The Download Credentials dialog box is displayed. Do not click Download yet.
    1. Select Create Service Account.
    2. In the User Name field, specify the first few characters of your Infor Ming.le user name. Then select your user name from the type-ahead list.
      Note: You must select the user name from the type-ahead list because the type-ahead values are the user names registered in Infor Ming.le.
  10. Click Download.
    The file download name is Infor Compass JDBC Driver.ionapi.
  11. Copy the Infor Compass JDBC Driver.ionapi file and the infor-compass-jdbc-version.jar file to a local directory.
    For example, c:\compass.