API suite

Features and capabilities within the Data Fabric user interface are also available with corresponding RESTful APIs for programmatic development.

These APIs are useful in facilitating these scenarios:

  • Ingesting data into Data Lake

  • Retrieving data from Data Lake or querying Data Lake

  • Managing the data from another application

This table shows the available Data Fabric APIs:

Endpoint Available APIs

Data Lake

Retrieve or purge data.

Mark a data object as corrupt.

Retrieve statistical information about stored objects.

For details, see Using the data object retrieval APIs.


Submit a job.

Get the status of a job.

Get the results of a finished job.

For details, see Using Compass query APIs.


Send batch data to Data Lake.

For details, see Using the batch ingestion API.


Retrieve a list of metagraphs.

Retrieve the details of a metagraph.

Create or update a metagraph.

Delete a metagraph.

Interface and consumption methods are exposed through the Data Fabric API service registered within the ION API Suite for Infor Data Fabric. Details of each of the exposed methods are in the Swagger documentation within the individual endpoints.

For more information on using ION APIs and interaction with Swagger documentation for the API methods, see the Infor ION API Administrator Guide.