Compass is a Data Fabric tool for querying the contents of Data Lake for data analysis and exploration, ad-hoc data exports, data management, and troubleshooting.

You can start Compass in the Data Fabric application in these ways:

  • Click the Query the Data Lake link on the Home page
  • In the navigation menu on the left side of the page, expand Data Lake and click Compass.
Note: The Data Lake Compass page is not available in AWS GovCloud.

In Compass, you can run these tasks:

  • Write and run SQL queries
  • Create Views on your data objects stored in Data Lake
  • Export data
  • Explore data objects and properties
  • Execute administrative tasks within Data Lake

Compass offers these elements and functionality:

  • Multi-tabbed query development with up to 10 concurrent tabs.
  • Data Objects and Views Panel - for exploring Data Catalog objects and views.
  • Ability to search and filter the data objects and data object properties
  • Generate contextual SQL statements and SQL hints to influence data retrieval behaviors
  • Generate contextual administrative SQL code for managing and troubleshooting data in Data Lake
  • Query Editor - for writing SELECT statements and running them.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Contextual auto-suggest for MS SQL keywords, custom keywords, data object and data object property names
  • SQL formatting
  • Font size controls
  • Results Panel - for previewing the query results
  • Success and error messages
  • Result set in a data grid
  • Exporting a result set

With Compass editor you can write simple or advanced SQL SELECT statements and run them to retrieve data from Data Lake.

These are the supported SQL statements:

  • SELECT statements.
  • MS SQL dialect.
  • SQL Comments are supported within a statement.
  • SELECT statement with hints, to retrieve data variations.
  • Admin statements to manage the formatted data lake objects.
  • CREATE, ALTER, DROP statements for views.