Data Objects and Views panel

The left panel is grouped into two sections: Objects and Views. When the Objects section is expanded, you can browse through the data object definitions in Data Catalog that can be queried within Data Lake.

The Compass supports these data object types:

  • Newline-delimited JSON (NDJSON)
  • Delimiter-separated values (DSV)
  • Comma-separated values (CSV)
  • Tab-separated values (TSV)
  • Pipe-separated values (PSV)
  • User-defined DSV

To expand or collapse the panel, click the collapse and expand icons at the top of the panel. To resize the panel, use the panel splitter.

Additionally, you can expand the Views list to browse the list of views that are created on top of data objects stored in Data Lake.

For information about views and managing them in the Data Lake, see Compass views.

You can view and expand each object to show the list of their properties and their data types. The properties are ordered according to the schema definition. The icons in front of an entity and its properties indicate these types:

  • Object type
  • Property type

When hovering over entities and properties, a three dot icon is displayed. Clicking the three dot icon presents contextual options for the selected entity or properties. You can accelerate code generation and syntax development.