DSV data objects

The Data Lake JDBC driver for Birst and Compass supports queries of Data Lake objects in DSV (delimiter-separated values) format.

For data objects in DSV format, the DSV payload objects must include a single header row with property names. If DSV metadata dialect skipLines is not explicitly defined in the metadata, then a value of One is assumed. If DSV metadata dialect headerLine is not explicitly defined in the metadata, then a value of One is assumed. Each DSV line must end with a carriage return or line feed character, or a carriage return and line feed character.

The DSV object must use a single separator character. The DSV metadata dialect separator value defines the separator character. The separator characters of comma, tab, and pipe are supported.

The DSV metadata dialect enclosingCharacter property is a character that is used to define the start and end of a value. Columns and values do not require enclosing characters. If a value in a data object contains the specified enclosing character, then it must be escaped. You can add another enclosing character directly next to it. When a pair of enclosing characters is found inside a field, they are interpreted as a single character. The enclosing character of single or double quotes is supported.

Special characters in values can produce inaccurate or incorrect results. If a query returns inaccurate results, then verify that the value is enclosed. DSV objects must use UTF-8 encoding.

See “Creating custom metadata” in the Infor ION Development Guide.