Homepage widgets

You can find the Data Fabric widgets in the Homepages application that runs in Infor Ming.le.

These widgets are grouped in two functional main Categories in the Homepage Widget catalog:

  • Statistics & Usage
  • Application

Statistics & Usage

Use the Data Lake widgets to better understand the consumption and usage patterns of yourData Lake.

These statistical overviews for monitoring Data Lake metrics are accessible from the Statistics & Usage category within the Homepages Widget Catalog:

Name Description

Data Lake Ingestion by object

Shows the storage volume organized by data object name

Data Lake Ingestion over Time

Shows the ingestion rate data object count and data object size for a selected period

Data Lake Storage Overview

Shows an overview of the storage utilization and data object count


The application widget for ingesting data to the Data Lake is accessible from the Application category within the Homepages Widget Catalog:

Name Description
Atlas Upload To upload local files directly into Data Lake.

See "Data Lake widgets" in the Infor Ming.le Cloud Edition Online Help.