Viewing a data object

Through this panel you can also purge, mark as corrupt, or clear corrupt and download the data object.

By default, when viewing a data object, the Content tab is open showing a read-only editor with the data object content.

When possible, by detecting the data format the editor applies syntax-highlighting to the content.

When the data object compressed size is more than 5 MB you must confirm viewing the content. Data objects with a compressed size more than 10 MB cannot be viewed but can be downloaded. Data objects that have binary content also cannot be viewed.

  1. Click the arrow icon in the Details column on a data object.
    This expands the panel on the right that shows the data object content and properties.
  2. Click the Search icon, to search the data object content.
    You can use the search menu to apply different search criteria and find the next and previous matches.
  3. Optionally, from the editor’s More menu you can use these options:
    Option Description
    Format Enables formatting the object content according to the detected data type
    Word wrap Enables fitting the content to the editor’s width
    Fold All Collapses blocks of code, for example elements in XML or object structure in a JSON.
    Font size Increase or decrease the font size and reset it to default
    Color scheme Change the color scheme to Standard or High Contrast
    Reset Reset all editor settings to default
  4. Click the Properties tab, to show the object properties.
    The Properties tab shows all object properties that are defined for the data object. The Properties tab is not affected by the personalize columns option in the data grid.

    Object properties that are not set for the data object are not displayed in the Properties tab.