Metagraphs is a free-form modeling canvas and tool. You can use Metagraphs to define domain-specific resource models.

Typically, metagraphs are used to describe the relationships of data objects stored in Data Lake. Metagraphs provide insights in the context and structure of the data for a specific business domain or industry. This is helpful when using the data for various purposes such as querying Data Lake.

Metagraphs offers you these options:

  • Create your own metagraph models
  • View metagraph models delivered by Infor products
  • Publish a Data Lake View which can be queried with Compass SQL

Metagraphs uses object metadata that is stored in Data Catalog to define the models. Before you create a metagraph, ensure that your data objects have a registered schema.

For more information about object metadata, see these documents:

  • Infor ION Development Guide, the "Creating custom metadata" section.
  • Infor ION Desk User Guide, "Data Catalog" section.

Metagraphs supports using newline-delimited JSON (NDJSON) and DSV data object types and Data Lake Views during modeling.

With Metagraphs you can also create a view within Data Lake, based on a given metagraph model. The view is stored in Data Lake and its corresponding metadata is registered with Data Catalog. After creation, the view can be queried using the Compass Query Platform.