How to use Data Ledger

The Data Ledger is available within tenants with provisioned feature access.

  1. Select Data Fabric > Data Lake.
  2. Expand the Data Lake menu to show the three main sections in Data Ledger.
    Header tabs
    Select the Batch Ingestion tab to view reconciliations for data that was sent to Data Lake in batches. Select the Streaming Ingestion tab to view data that was streamed record by record from the source application.
    Left side panel
    This panel is used for filtering the list of reconciliations.
    List of reconciliations
    This list visualizes results of reconciliation. Reconciliations are shown in descending order by interval start time.

    At the top of the Ledger, you can see the latest reconciliations from all applications connected to Data Ledger and for all data objects.

    In the left panel, you can filter the list of reconciliations by selecting one or more data objects or one or more applications.

    Additionally, you can filter the list by classification to see only matching or mismatching records.

    Charts represent the most relevant statistics for all your applications reporting to Data Fabric Ledger. Charts are only available for data sent in batches.