Error messages

Running a query can respond with errors.

Errors when you run a query can be caused by the user or by a Data Fabric response from the services used in the Compass user interface.

These are some of the scenarios in which errors can be reported:

  • Connection issues to service
  • Query syntax error
  • Invalid objects and properties
  • Invalid use of functions
  • Service errors

For more details on the error messages and scenarios, see Troubleshooting Compass queries.

When an error happens, it is displayed in the Results panel with this structure:

  • Error reason and error code
  • Message describing the error
  • Query ID that can be referenced for support
  • UTC date and time when the error occurred

You can copy the error message the clipboard to provide full and complete error references.

When the graphical interface fails to communicate with Data Catalog or Compass, the respective panels where the service is used, indicate the error state. If communication with Data Catalog cannot be achieved, then the left Data Objects panel does not show any objects and displays a message.

If communication with the Compass backend service cannot be achieved, then the results are not displayed, and the Result panel displays a message.