Query functionality and syntax

In general, the query language follows Microsoft SQL Server or Apache Spark syntax. The purpose of this section is to explain general query syntax, supported functionality and expressions for Data Lake Compass queries.

The documentation outlines special considerations for Data Lake queries. This documentation is not intended as comprehensive SQL documentation.

Compass queries can also use Infor-specific functions and stored procedures.

The Compass query syntax is the same regardless of the query method. The same query can be run in the functions, keywords, and administrative stored procedures. Compass ION Desk function, through the Compass APIs, and through the Compass JDBC driver. The differences in the execution and output formats are noted.

The expression syntax and special considerations are outlined for each function or expression.

  • Compass queries support SELECT statements and administrative EXEC stored procedures.
  • Compass queries do not support CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or DROP.
  • Compass functions, keywords and administrative stored queries do not support the use of semi-colons to run multiple queries.
Note:  Query constructs, keywords, and functions that are not documented can work. But the query results may not match the expected results and might change in a future release.