• S for Synthetic properties

    Synthetic properties are properties associated with the Data Lake data object, also called the payload. The payload object is the object stored in the Data Lake. The properties are infor.LastModified, infor.DataObjectId, and infor.DataObjectSeqId.

  • G for Generated properties

    Generated properties are properties added by Compass query services. The only generated property is infor.compassTimestamp.

  • infor.compasstimestamp

    The infor.compassTimestamp denotes the time in which the record was converted and stored in Compass for Data Lake queries.

  • P for the Partition property

    The Partition property is the partition, or segment, of the Compass query data storage in which the record is stored. The partition column name is infor.Partition.

  • L for Localized properties

    Localized properties are localized string values. Using the parameter returns the results for localized string data stored in the payload objects. Note that each localized string has a locale code suffix.

    The locale codes included match the locale codes defined in the Data Catalog Locale Selections.

    See Queries for localized data.

Use one or more parameters and separate each parameter with a forward slash /.




select * from products

Results: The results include all properties from products, and they include the additional properties:

 . . . ,infor.lastModified(), infor.Dataobjectid, infor.DataObjectSeqId, infor.CompassTimestamp, infor.Partition
2019-08-09T10:30:23.232Z, 8d963652-4a02-4c5a-bd37-26872593872c, 12, 201908-09T11:13:07.317Z,2019-08-09

Example for localized strings

select * from salutations

Results include all localized string properties. In the example, the property greeting is a localized string, and the locales are US-English, French Canadian, and Spanish:

greeting_en_us, greeting_fr_ca, greeting_es_es hello, bonjour, hola