Master variation handling table function

The table function infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ACTIVE, DELETED, ARCHIVED’, ‘AllVariations|HighestVariation’) is a master variation handling table function.

This table function can be used as a Compass query. It returns the ‘Highest’ OR ‘All Variations’ of any combination of ACTIVE, DELETED or ARCHIVED records. This can be used instead of the individual variation function listed earlier.


infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ACTIVE, DELETED, ARCHIVED’, ‘AllVariations|HighestVariation’)

Required Attributes:

  • Attribute 1:

    ‘tableName’ - Case insensitive

  • Attribute 2:

    Any one, two, or all three of ‘ACTIVE, DELETED, ARCHIVED’ - Case insensitive and order is not relevant.

    • Active - Records that are not deleted or archived.
    • Deleted - Records that are deleted.
    • Archived - Records that are archived.
  • Attribute 3:

    ‘AllVariations’ or ‘HighestVariation’ - Case insensitive

    • AllVariations – All historical and current variations of a record. HighestVariation – The highest variation of the record.

This table shows the variation table function and their corresponding master variation table function:

Variation Function Corresponding Master Variation function
Default Query (For example,Select * from…) infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ACTIVE’, ‘HighestVariation’)
Infor.IncludeDeleted infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ACTIVE, DELETED’, ‘HighestVariation’)
Infor.AllVariations infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, 'ACTIVE, DELETED’, ‘AllVariations’)
infor.AllVariationsIncludeArchived() infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ACTIVE, DELETED, ARCHIVED’,‘AllVariations’)
IncludeArchivedAndDeleted infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ACTIVE, DELETED, ARCHIVED’,‘HighestVariation’)
Infor.ShowAllArchived infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ARCHIVED’, ‘AllVariations’)
Infor.ShowArchived infor.include(‘<tableName>‘, ‘ARCHIVED’, ‘HighestVariation’)