Use SELECT to select values from data objects stored in the Data Lake.

Each value that is specified in a SELECT is either:

  • A property that is defined in the metadata for the data object
  • A literal value
  • A calculated value or expression

The results are represented in rows and columns.

Data Lake is not a traditional transactional database. Data Lake stores every variation, or version, of a record. Historic data is available, and historic versions of data is available. By default, a query retrieves the highest variation of a record that is not tagged as deleted.

See Variation handling.

In the examples that are provided, object represents the Data Catalog object, such as a database table. Property represents the Data Catalog object property, such as a table column.

The query structure follows Microsoft SQL Server.


SELECT one or more properties, expressions, or literals FROM object 
WHERE filter condition(s)
GROUP BY expression
HAVING filter condition(s)
ORDER BY expression [ ASC | DESC ]