Altering the results view

Results can have up to 100 rows and many columns. Investigating the data in the default size of the results panel can be cumbersome.

To make the view more suitable for exploring the data:

  1. Drag the horizontal separator or click the Maximize icon in the data grid toolbar.

    When you click the Maximize icon, the screen shows these changes:

    • Results panel expands to cover larger part of the interface.
    • Data objects panel is hidden.
    • Query editor is hidden.
    • Toolbar tabs are not hidden, you can switch to a different tab or create a new one.

    When the view is maximized, you can click the Minimize icon to return to the previous view.

  2. Optionally, to increase or decrease the row height, click the More Actions icon, and select one of these options:
    • Short
    • Medium
    • Normal