Clear data

The infor.clear_data stored procedure clears the Compass data stored for an object.

Use this process when the Data Catalog object definition changes, and the Compass data requires clearing and reconverting it based on the new metadata definition.

Use the infor.clear_data stored procedure to clear Compass data after Data Lake data is purged, archived, or marked as corrupt. The date on the clear data operation should be set back to the earliest date, in UTC, of the Data Lake operation. For example, if you purged data from 1/1/ 2020, use the clear data operation to clear data from 1/1/ 2020. The next time you run a Compass query, the Compass data is reprocessed from 1/1/ 2020 to the current time. Compass data that was added to Data Lake before 1/1/ 2020 is not affected.

The second parameter is the partition of data. Partitions are based on UTC date. The data cleared is data posted on and after the date. This procedure does not affect data in the raw Data Lake; it updates data stored for Compass data storage only.