The terminology that Metagraphs uses.
A specific data object or Data Lake view.
Asset catalog
A catalog containing the list of data objects and Data Lake views stored in Data Catalog. Use this widget to search for and select the asset to add to your model.
To create a view in Data Lake based on the information defined in a metagraph model.
Represented as a circle in the metagraph model. Each node represents a single asset.
Primary node
The node that acts as the starting point in the metagraph model. When publishing a view to Data Lake, the asset associated with this node is used as the initial query table in the FROM clause of the generated query.
Modeling canvas
The main part of the modeler where nodes and relationships are added and defined.
Assets are grouped together by category. The two categories supported in Metagraphs are Data Objects and Data Lake Views.
Default properties
When publishing a view for a metagraph, select the properties to include in that view from each of the nodes in your model. Default properties are the properties that are pre-selected for you at the time the view is created. For details on how to set these properties, see Managing default properties.