Refreshing the list

When Compass is loaded for the first time; the list of data objects and views is retrieved from Data Catalog. Each time you expand an entity such as a data object or a view, by clicking the + icon, the list of properties for that entity are retrieved from Data Catalog.

When you click a data object or view to list its properties, the property names in the SQL auto-suggest keywords list are loaded.

When expanding an entity in the left panel, properties are cached during a user’s active session within Infor OS. If updates to the object’s metadata are made, refreshing the tree reloads the metadata definitions from the Data Catalog.

To refresh all entities, click the refresh icon in the top left corner of the panel.

To refresh one entity and its properties:

  1. Hover over the data object or view.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon.
  3. Click Refresh.