Data Storage 500-599

This table shows the message code and its description:

Message code Message description
501 Invalid URI: {fileName}.
502 Unsupported URI scheme: {uri} for file type: {fileType}.
503 The Data Lake object is null.
504 The Data Lake object is empty.
505 Error creating reader factory: {fileType} for file: {fileName}.
506 Error creating writer: {fileType} for file: {fileName}.
507 Error opening reader: {fileType} for file: {fileName}.
508 Error opening writer: {fileType} for file: {fileName}.
509 Error closing reader: {fileType} for file: {fileName}.
510 Error closing writer: {fileType} for file: {fileName}.
511 Error reading file: {fileName} of type: {fileType}.
512 Error reading raw data line of type: {fileType}.

Line ordinal number provided.

513 Error parsing raw data line of type {fileType}: {data}.
514 Error writing file: {fileName} of type: {fileType}.
515 DSV file conversion is missing DSV dialect.
516 Error parsing DSV dialect.
517 Parquet writer is missing Avro schema.
518 Error parsing Avro schema from JSON.
519 Error reading Avro schema from Parquet file: {fileName}.
520 Avro schema is missing definition for property: {column}.
521 Column {column} has date/time format in metadata but does not have a logical type in Avro schema.
522 Error when serializing AvroSchema for table: {table}.
523 N/A
524 N/A
525 Unknown date/time format: {format} for property: {column}.
526 N/A
527 N/A
528 Property {column} is GENERATED/SYNTHETIC but does not have an expression.
529 Error parsing expression: {expression} for property: {column}.
530 Error evaluating expression: {expression} for property: {column}.
531 N/A
532 Error deleting file: {fileName}.
533 Error listing folder: {folder}.
534 Error reading raw data. Expected encoding: {charset}
535 Error deleting {countNotDeleted} of {countTotal} files starting: {fileName}.
536 The payload contains a duplicate property: {property name}.
570 Data Object reformatting exceeded maximum retry count.
571 Data Lake returned error: {errorMessage}.
572 Failed to retrieve data from Data Lake. Connection error.
573 Object locked by another process. Try again later.
574 Error parsing Data Lake Data Object timestamp: {value}
575 Object storage error.
576 Synchronizer returned error: {errorMessage}.
577 Cache repository error for record: {id}.
578 The data object is archived and cannot be accessed. Restore the data object to Data Lake to include the data in Compass queries. Mark the object as corrupt in Data Lake to exclude the data from Compass queries.
579 An error occurred when updating Compass data for the object, resulting in inconsistent data between Data Lake and Compass. Use the Compass infor.clear_data stored procedure to clear data as of the partition date of {partition date}. The next Compass query updates the Compass data.
580 Error parsing partition date {date}. The expected date format is yyyy-MM-dd.