Adding nodes

You can add a maximum of 25 nodes to your metagraph. When the limit is reached, an info message is displayed in the asset catalog when trying to add additional nodes to your model.

To add a node to your model:

  1. Drag and drop a category in the modeling canvas.
    Categories are color-coded and can be found at the bottom of the canvas.

    The Asset Catalog is displayed with the list of objects that have schemas registered in Data Catalog.

    By default, the category that is dropped on the canvas is preselected in the Asset Catalog. To view objects in another category, change the Categories selection in the left panel.

    Note: Objects of type Newline-delimited JSON, DSV, and Data Lake views can be added to the model
  2. Search for the data object or Data Lake view to add to the model.
    1. Use the Search field to filter by object name or type.
    2. To change the sort order, click Sort above the tiles on the right side of the asset catalog.
  3. Click Add in the top right corner of the tile to add it to the model.
    The Asset Catalog is closed, and the new node is visible in the graph with the name of the selected object inside.