Limitations and restrictions for Views

Views stored in Data Lake have these limitations:

  • Views cannot reference other views.

  • Data Catalog is not used to create, edit or delete views; Data Catalog can only display view details.

  • Avoid concurrent users running CREATE/ALTER/DROP statements on the same view.

  • Queries cannot reference more than 95 objects, including those within referenced views.

  • When querying views, the infor.locale() function is not supported.

  • When querying views, the infor.show_value() function is not supported.

  • Views can become invalid when the view script references properties or object definitions that were changed or deleted in Data Catalog.

  • When a referenced object definition changes, the view is not automatically updated. An ALTER VIEW statement gets the view metadata back in sync.

  • Even when dropped, a view name can only be used when creating another view. Likewise, an object name can only be used as an object name.