Option 2 - Incorporating the security credentials in the connection string with the tenant ID

  1. Open the SQL query tool.
  2. Select the option to set up a new driver.
  3. Specify a driver name, such as Compass JDBC Driver.
  4. Specify the URL: jdbc:infordatalake://TENANT_TST?ionApiCredentials=...
    1. Using a URL Encoding method, URL encodes the contents of the .ionapi file.

      The encoded result must start with a “%7B” representing the opening left curly brace “{“ and end with “%7D” represents the closing bracket.

    2. Take the encoded credentials and add them to the end of the URL connection string.

      Example: jdbc:infordatalake://TENANT_TST?ionApiCredentials=YourEncoded Credentials

  5. Specify com.infor.idl.jdbc.Driver as the classname.
  6. Specify the library path to the JDBC driver c:\compass\infor-compass-jdbc-2022-10.jar
  7. Save the driver.
  8. Set up a connection to Data Lake and select the Compass JDBC driver.
  9. Connect to Data Lake.