Previewing the result set

After completing the steps to generate your view, a Preview button is available above the generated SQL statement.

This table shows the icons and their corresponding actions when previewing the result set:

Name Icon Description
Back nt_ico_df_back Returns to the Publish View to Data Lake wizard where changes can be made.
Close nt_ico_df_close Close the side panel. All selections are lost.
Search nt_ico_df_search Search the result set by keywords. A match in any column is shown.
Export to CSV nt_ico_df_export_csv Export the results to a CSV file.
More nt_ico_df_more Use this drop-down to adjust the row height for the data grid showing the results.

  1. Click Preview.

    A table is displayed showing the top 100 rows that were returned by the generated query.

    A query ID is available to view a larger result set using the Compass query APIs.

    See Using Compass query APIs.

  2. If any changes are required, then click Back in the top left corner of the panel.
  3. If the results are correct, then click Publish to publish the view to Data Lake.