Data Lake properties

Compass includes these properties for the Data Lake:

  • infor.DataObjectId

    Represents the unique identifier of the Data Lake data object in which the record is stored. In the Data Lake, the data object identifier is named dl_id.

  • infor.lastModified()

    Represents the timestamp in which the data object was added to the Data Lake. In the Data Lake, the data object timestamp is named dl_document_date.

    The infor.lastModified() property is used for incremental loads.

  • infor.DataObjectSeqId

    Represents the record or line number associated with the record location in the data object.

Data Lake properties are called Synthetic properties. These properties are associated with the Data Lake data object, also called the Data Lake payload. This is the object that is stored in the Data Lake.

See Queries for incremental data loads.