Data Catalog

The schema generation wizard is enhanced to accept sample files that use .psv as the file extension. Previously, PSV sample files were required to use .txt as the extension.


The ION Connect Management API endpoint is introduced for the ION API Suite. It can be used to manage error messages (Error BODs page) via API calls. You can use it to get errors by filter or ID; set the error status to handled or unhandled, and get and resubmit the original message.


The users selected in the out-of-office delegation rules are informed by ION notifications when the out-of-office status is changed:

  • When the out-of-office status is turned on, they are informed they will receive delegated tasks and alerts.
  • When the out of office status is turned off, they are informed the delegation period has finished.

Process / Inbox and Widgets

The user interface styling of the Inbox and the Homepages widgets for ION Process is updated, and icons and colors are refreshed. This applies to::

  • The Inbox application
  • The widgets:
    • Alert List
    • Task List
    • Notification List
    • Task Manager
    • Task Watcher
    • Start Workflows
    • Workflow Viewer
    • Alarms
  • The content applications:
    • Inbox
    • Task Viewer