Data Fabric


Metagraphs is a new component in the Data Fabric application that provides a free-form modeling tool, enabling you to define how your objects are related to one another.

In addition to modeling your dataset, you can use Metagraphs to create a Data Lake view on top of the metagraph and publish it to Data Lake. You find these views in the Compass user interface under the Views section on the left-hand panel. To have access to the Metagraphs page in Data Fabric, you must be assigned to the DATAFABRIC-SuperAdmin role.

For this release, Metagraphs enables you to model only Newline-delimited JSON and DSV objects as well as Data Lake views.

For details, see the Infor Data Fabric User Guide.

Data Lake

Applications can now drill-down to a specific object in Atlas.

Data Lake Core NULL support

The "Instance_count" supports for NULL values at both the back end and front end. All existing 0 values are converted to NULL in PRD.

Data Ledger

Data Ledger is now available in Data Fabric for all tenants.

Data Ledger tool tips

You can now hover over a chart to display a tool tip that has the exact date, time, and instance count for that time.